The Simplest Way to get a website.

We passionately believe in providing great design supported by the best technology along with transparent pricing, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you're getting the best website for the best price. We're sole believers in keeping everything simple, so we have developed a simple process with simple pricing to keep everyone happy and get great results.

Who We Are

Back in May 2002, founder Robert Kruse drove across country, moving back to Pittsburgh from Hollywood, CA to get married and start a family. Upon arriving, the odometer read 2440 miles, and so began 2440 Media. With a background in Film making and Post production, Robert gave a unique twist to the mentality, philosophy, and processes of your "average" website design company startup.

Initially we started as a true media company offering Web design, Video Production, and TV Commercials, but over the years Web design became 100% of our core business, so we dropped the other services and now focus 100% on website development.

Clients sometimes ask, have you ever built a site in our niche before? But we like to think we're industry-agnostic. Everytime we enter a new niche, we always bring new and fresh design ideas to a generally stagnant and cookie-cutter field of solutions, which leads to a website that sets new trends and revolutionizes the pack... and often gets copied.

Also, out of the ordinary, we're not pushy sales people, actually we don't have sales people nor do we spend on marketing or advertising. 100% of our business is though referrals. We are 100% focused on getting things done and don't try to sell you or upsell you on things you don't need. We seek to build a relationship based on trust through hard work and honest answers, so you'll refer us to our next project.

Keeping it Simple.

Throughout every project, we continue to refine our processes and techniques. We weed out anything that makes the process of building a website difficult, confusing, unncessarily costly, or unnecessarily time-consuming. Many clients who hire us are a bit shocked when they discover we don't need to meet in person or have meetings period. Through some simple "Q & A" , we are able to quickly define the scope of work and understand what you need without having to go though a lengthly dialog. You need a website, we can build you one and we can spare you the "BS" that usually goes along with it.

With our many years of experience, superior processes, and usage of the very latest tools and techniques our goal is to deliver only the highest-quality websites with superb attention to detail. Our web designers and developers work in tandem to create visually superior websites that are easy to navigate and operate smoothly in today's modern browsing standards whether it be a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Every project is dear to our hearts and we take a great deal of pride in our hard work.

Our History