5 Resources for Learning Web Design Online

There are an abundance of online resource you can use to aid in learning about website design, but with the mass amount of online resources out there, how do you choose the ones that are worth while?

Luckily the Internet is your friend, and can provide you with endless research on the essential resources to help you learn web design. We have searched the web and have found five online web design resources that we feel are essential to helping you jump start your website design career.


Lynda may be one of the most comprehensive web design resources available at your fingertips. Lynda has been offering instructor-led tutorials for over 20 years. This robust resource offers courses in five different languages, and has courses for individuals of all different skill levels.

With Lynda you can learn how to create and design a website from the bottom up. There are hundreds of courses offered in a variety of topics such as: embedding video, formatting text, CSS, content strategy, user experience design tactics, 3D animation skills, and hundreds more.

Lynda offers a free 10-day trial, which you should take advantage of right away. After that, you are able to choose between two different paid subscriptions starting at $29.99 per month. Though Lynda is a paid service, the price tag should not scare you away - it will essentially pay for itself with the skills that you learn.


Codeacademy is another great online tool to help you improve your web design skills. Codeacadmey will provide you with self-guided web design tutorials to learn web design and development basics. The best part about Codeacademy is its 100 percent free!

Codeacademy can teach you a variety of skills such as: Sass, JavaScript, Rails, AngularJS, ReactJS, SQL, Java, CSS, HTML, and much more. According to the company website, Codeacadey is dedicated to creating the best learning experience for all things website design. Codeacademy even provides motivational stories from others who have found success due to what they learned on Codeacademy.

As stated, Codeacademy is completely free. Though it is not as comprehensive and interactive as Lynda, it is still a wonderful resource to use to improve your skill set. If you haven’t already checked Codeacadmey out, do so today.


If you’re expecting a visually appealing site when you visit W3Schools website you will be disappointed. Though the website looks a bit bland and boring, don’t be scared off! This is one of the best sites on the web to teach you website design skills.

W3Schools offers tutorials in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, SQL, website building, and XML. W3Schools is a great resource to help the beginning web developer learn the basics of HTML and CSS, and offers a progression of interactive tutorials in easy to understand language. One of the most unique features of W3Schools is that it lets you practice with live markup on the site so you can see the effects even the smallest changes to code have on a website.

Though some advanced web designers have criticized the site, it is a great place for a beginner to start. All W3School tutorials are extremely straightforward and user-friendly. Best of all, it is free!

Mozilla Developer Network

The creators of the popular Firefox web browser have created an outstanding resource to help developers of all skill levels learn how to design and create websites via the Mozilla Developer Network. Within the learning center, Mozilla provides a variety of resources, articles, and tutorials to help you become comfortable in web design and coding.

Mozilla offers a wide variety of information from CSS, to HTML, to JavaScript. Mozilla Developer Network is completely free. Be aware you will need to conduct heavy amounts of reading in order to get the most out of the Mozilla Developer Network. However, don’t let the reading scare you away from this valuable online source.

Khan Academy

To wrap up our top five list is Khan Academy. Khan Academy literally covers all subject manner pertaining to website design and development. Khan Academy provides self-guided tutorials with experts that simply cannot be missed.

Khan Academy offers tutorials in computer programming, computer science, and coding. Khan Academy may be one of the most comprehensive free website design resource on the web. Best of all, the company advises that its services will remain free.

Khan Academy is a great resource for web designers and programmers from all different skill levels. All you need to get started with Khan Academy is a Google+ account, Facebook account, or an email address. Head over to Khan Academy right now to jump start your website design career.

What’s This All Mean?

The Internet is a wonderful tool with an abundance of information on almost every subject imaginable. That can be a great thing, but it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed with options. You can start making strides towards becoming a web designer today by utilizing the above mentioned online resources.

From paid to free, these resources can provide you with an abundance of knowledge you will need to become a successful web designer. Your future starts today.

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