Pros & Cons Of A Big Homepage Carousel

The Pros & Cons Of A Big Homepage Carousel

While surfing the Internet, you have more than likely came across multiple websites that utilize a homepage carousel. You may have even thought about implementing this design element on one of your own sites. If you are on the fence about this strategy, continue reading.

This blog post will uncover the pros and cons of this web design strategy, as well as alternatives you could consider.


The Pros & Cons Of A One-Page Website

The Pros & Cons Of A One-Page Website

Most websites on the Internet consist of multiple pages, but there has been a growing trend and demand over the past couple of years for single page websites. A one-page website aligns well with the simplicity that our society is gravitating towards. However, if you have mixed feelings about one-page websites, you are not alone.

This post should help you obtain a better understanding of what a one-page website is, as well as list out the pros and cons associated with one-page websites. Let’s first take a look at the basics.


Why Customer-Centric Web Design Is Important

Why Customer-Centric Web Design Is Important

More than likely you have come across a website that is cluttered, clunky, and not easy to use. How did this make you feel? You were probably left frustrated, and as a result, left the website within a matter of seconds.

As a website designer or business owner, you do not want customers to feel frustrated when they attempt to navigate your website. While it is important to have a website that implements SEO best practices, it is also important to have a website that is user-friendly. This article will cover what customer-centric web design is, and why it is so important.

History Of Web Design

The Interesting History Of Web Design

As a modern web designer, it is hard to imagine what the industry of web design looked like in the past. What we know about the Internet and website today did not exist 25 years ago. As a web designer, it is important to examine the history of web design, so you can see how this wonderful field has evolved into the industry it is today.

This article will look at how the field of web design has evolved over the past 25 years, starting in the year 1990 and ending in 2017. Let’s get started!